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Community Infographic Contest
We’re running our 1st community graphic competition! Carbon Infographic Contest
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top questions
FAQ - Top 5 Questions Answered
It’s been 10 days since Carbon $CSIX was launched! To-date we have 9,720 holders, $2-3M daily trading...
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5% Staking Bonus For All Stakers
All Carbon CSIX Stakers will be rewarded with a 5% bonus Rules Snapshot will be taken on 17th March 3pm...
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Less Than 7 Days Since Launch
It’s only been 6 days since $CSIX was launched on PancakeSwap! In that time we’ve attracted...
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Tokenomics Update!
Carbon, the fast WEB 3.0 browser, is pleased to announce several exciting developments as it continues...
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Web3 Investors Bet Big on Carbon: The Next-Gen Browser Set to Revolutionize the Internet
Carbon, your privacy-oriented browser, has just gotten a major boost from some of Web3’s most influential...
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Carbon's plan for Tezos XTZ Integration
We plan to promote our above integration of XTZ in the following ways: 1. Co-announcement and marketing...
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What's New
Carbon News - 75,000 Community Strong!
Our community on socials are currently ~75,000 combined! Here’s what we’ve achieved 1. We...
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Carbon Browser Working with Sui Global!
Carbon Browser Is Now Working with Sui Global! Carbon will be the flagship web3 browser running Sui network!...
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