FAQ – Top 5 Questions Answered

It’s been 10 days since Carbon $CSIX was launched!

To-date we have 9,720 holders, $2-3M daily trading volume and on the Carbon Browser reached 5.7M+ downloads and 36,000 DAUs!

Our telegram/twitter admins have been collecting the top 5 frequently asked questions and we wanted to share the answers with you below 🙂

1. Why does the circulating supply increase each day?

Ans) IDO investors and PancakeSwap syrup pool participants can redeem their $CSIX tokens daily (block-by-block vesting) from the launchpad claim portal/PancakeSwap Pool. This is stated on our website tokenomics section and also shown below:

IDO vesting is as follows: 20% unlocked at TGE, followed by block-by-block linear vesting over remaining 5 months

PancakeSwap vesting is as follows: 0% unlocked at TGE, followed by block-by-block linear vesting over 120 days

2. Are the team selling tokens?

Ans) The team is not currently selling any tokens. The team wallet has a 12 month cliff and the Dev/Marketing wallet has a 3 month cliff. The team utilizes the raised funds from the Launchpads as well as the CSIX tokens collected by the 2.5% marketing tax which are held in the marketing wallet. This currently funds all marketing and development work at Carbon.

3. Who are the top 10 token holders?

Ans) Here’s a screenshot taken from BSCScan of top 10 CSIX token holders, the name tags have been added by the Carbon team so we can track wallets.

4. Why are the team non-doxed?

In the spirit of decentralization and privacy the team are non-doxed similar to partner projects and major platforms such as PancakeSwap, DeFiLlama, ApeSwap etc. As Carbon is a fast privacy web3 browser we aim to stay true to our mission by first revolutionizing the web3 browser space.

5. Do you have any news or marketing lined up for March onwards?

Yes, we recently launched our ad campaigns across CoinGecko, BSCNews and CryptoRank. We have an upcoming campaign with CoinTelegraph and recently brought on new KOLs for March onwards. On top of our upcoming browser updates, iOS and Mac OS/PC version and partnerships we have a lot coming to Carbon.

BONUS Question and Answer:

6. Do you have any jobs or positions at Carbon?

Yes, we are actively looking to hire the best talent to join Carbon and share our mission. You can find available jobs here.