Decentralized browser with AdBlock, dVPN, Crypto Wallet, Better Privacy and many other features that you can use now!

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everything you need for web 3.0

browser stats

Collect and analize browser stats

Your fav web 3.0 dapps

Wallet, Staking, Swap, Bridge and much more

customize bookmarks

To make your home page more custom


Earn Rewards on the Go!

Wallet, Staking, Swap, Bridge and much more

Move Over Big Tech

And Browse Privately. Search Privately. AdBlock. Secure and Lightweight. Get Crypto Rewards.

Better Privacy

We solve the privacy issue with our in-built dVPN, firewall & ToR e2ee which will come at no extra cost

Web 3.0 Ready

A fully immersive web 3.0 experience with crypto features as standard including a multi-chain wallet and bridge

3x Faster Browsing

An optimized engine along with automatic blocking of intrusive ads and trackers gives you blazing-fast page load speeds

Superior Adblock

We block trackers and ads on every page you browse without compromising UX or browsing speed

Bottom Toolbar

Never strain your fingers again! Optional bottom tool bar and support for easy one-handed usage. Everything you need to browse the web

Get Rewards

Earn rewards while you browse and spend on our partner network without KYC #BrowseToEarn

Web Browser Comparison

0.5 sec

dVPN (free)*
Firewall (free)*
ToR e2ee (free)*

Block most ads and trackers by default on desktop/mobile

ENS Domains*
Unstoppable Domains

Rewards for all users without KYC requirement or ID check

- Integrated mulitchain wallet
- Integrated Swap/Bridge

2.34 sec

VPN (paid) Firewall (paid)

Block most ads and trackers

ENS Domains Unstoppable Domains

$BAT rewards for users who complete KYC

Integrated wallet

2.25 sec

None by default without extensions

None by default without extensions or plugins installed

3.05 sec

VPN (free)

Block most ads and trackers

ENS Domains Unstoppable Domains

*These features are currently in development and will be released in tandem with our roadmap


Downloads to Date


Daily Active Users


Earn rewards while you browse and spend on our partner network

How do I earn rewards?

You earn rewards while you browse. Simple as that. We don’t want to say specifically which activities provide rewards as that might encourage users to abuse the system. Rewards start distributing from approx Q1 2024.

What rewards do I get?

The reward amount varies by country and is distributed with daily active use. Our token reward distribution algorithm auto adjusts based on demand/supply economics.

What I can do with token rewards?

Reward points can be spent on our growing partner networking including NFTs, charities, selected merchants and on Carbon Pro, our premium browser experience.

How long does it take to earn a reward?

Rewards are distributed based on monthly active use at our discretion and to users who are not abusing the rewards programme. Rewards can be used on our partner network, NFTs and Carbon Pro.

Do you sell my data?
Absolutely not. The rewards are distributed from our ecosystem/treasury wallet, not from selling data. We make our profit from integrations and sponsorships in the browser.


Carbon Pro is our flagship browser experience offering a premium browser

to heavy browser users. Carbon Pro is upgradable in-app with CSIX only.

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