We plan to promote our above integration of XTZ in the following ways:

1. Co-announcement and marketing efforts via social media from Carbon and our KOLs. If possible with marketing support from Tezos Foundation and Tezos to amplify our reach.

2. Amplification of our integration from our partner network (including NFT Marketplaces) to raise awareness to existing NFT holders and crypto holders/traders.

3. Integration live date news added to our website news blog and app changelog ‘what’s new’ which is advertised to our browsers users.

4. Advertised on our browser homepage raising awareness of the new tezos chain integration

5. Giveaway contest to raise awareness of our chain integration, 3 random winners picked

6. Telegram and Youtube marketing to promote awareness of the integration

Long-Term Maintenance

Carbon’s plan for the long-term maintenance of the Tezos integration relies on our utilizing the latest standards in our code base and ensuring we adapt with changes made from Tezos and our wallet and swap providers. We plan to cover any potential costs for API calls from either a swaps/convenience fee and/or from our community governance DAO to ensure a scalable sustainable long-term solution going forward.