Web3 Investors Bet Big on Carbon: The Next-Gen Browser Set to Revolutionize the Internet

Carbon, your privacy-oriented browser, has just gotten a major boost from some of Web3’s most influential investors. This investment is an endorsement of their ambitious attempt to revolutionize web browsing.

Through native integration of cryptocurrency wallets and decentralised applications, Carbon offers users unprecedented control over their digital lives. We currently have 5.6 million downloads with more than 32,000 daily active users. We are excited to come this far. But we understand well that to take our project to new levels, we could collaborate with trusted names in the industry. Besides funding, these investors come with an abundance of experience and expertise in Web3 and their guidance is critical for us to unlock our true potential.

Speaking of investors, Poolz Ventures and Carbon’s new collaboration is a significant step forward in establishing our presence in the Web3 sector. Poolz Ventures is a prominent decentralized financing organization focusing on breakthrough blockchain initiatives with top entrepreneurs.

Poolz Ventures is now a trusted name in the cryptocurrency and blockchain world. Poolz has shown to be an exceptional innovator, and the new combination with Carbon will only strengthen our position. In the same light, Carbon, which seeks to give users with an unmatched decentralized browsing experience, is built on innovation. We will work closely to address current or potential challenges, expedite growth and scale, and pave a roadmap for success.

We are also proud to have, Curate – the world’s first-ever gasless NFT Marketplace as our most recent investor. Curate possesses a wealth of knowledge about buying, selling and minting NFTs. With names like Algorand, Chainlink and Polygon as partners, Curate will help us gain more exposure in Web3. We will leverage their innovations and reach as we scale in future.

We are also thrilled to have TrustSwap, often ranked among the top crypto launchpads as one of our advisors. The TrustSwap Launchpad allows non-US investors to get early access to some of the most promising blockchain projects going on today. It’s quickly become one of the top launchpads and features an impressive list of features and services, such as multi-chain interoperability. With rolling innovations, TrustSwap has cemented its position as a trusted Launchpad and investor.

We are also thankful for our Angel investors, who helped create the necessary runway to get Carbon off the ground in its initial days. Carbon would not have come this far without their unwavering trust and support.

Backed by the confidence and collaboration of our investors, Carbon is looking forward to delivering continued success in Web3 browsing.