Tokenomics Update!

Carbon, the fast WEB 3.0 browser, is pleased to announce several exciting developments as it continues to grow and expand. In a bid to drive continued growth in browser Daily Active Users (DAUs), Monthly Active Users (MAUs), and project awareness, we have doubled down on our marketing and development wallet allocations. This move is expected to benefit $CSIX holders significantly.

To achieve this, Carbon has reduced the team allocation to 1.95%, down from 5%, to free up more tokens for marketing, development, staking, and liquidity wallets. Carbon has also reduced the initial circulating supply by over 3%, from $165,000 to $160,000, on TGE/listing on February 17th.

Carbon has implemented an annual burn event to its deflationary tokenomics to ensure that the 12-month inflation, which was previously over 30%, is now 15%. This event will continue until only 50% of the supply remains.

In addition, Carbon is pleased to announce that its launchpad partners will start the $CSIX public sale on February 13th. Four amazing launchpads are available, all with the same terms on price and vesting. See here for up-to-date information on launchpads.

Furthermore, $CSIX will list on a yet-to-be-announced DEX on February 17th, at approximately 14:00 UTC, with initial LP provided by Carbon and locked for 12 months. Carbon will offer whitelists for iOS beta testing, Mac/PC testing, and Carbon NFT sale exclusively to launchpad investors and selected partners.

Carbon is thrilled to continue innovating and growing as it aims to make WEB 3.0 accessible to all.

Stay tuned for more exciting news and developments from Carbon.