Partner with us

We offer projects and developers and number of ways to partner and integrate with Carbon allowing us to grow together

Numbers Don’t Lie

It’s no secret that Carbon is growing amongst Web 3 and Web 2 users thanks to our Fast Privacy focused Browser

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For Advertisers and Ad Networks

AdX, our self-serve buy/sell ad marketplace allows you to directly target our growing browser audience subtly without disrupting the user experience. AdX goes live in Q2 2023. 

Our demographics are mainly 18-42 years old web3 users from tier 1/2 GEOs.

Placements include

  • Browser Homepage Ads
  • Featured DApps and Apps on Browser Homepage
  • Display Banner Ads on AdX Publishers

For Projects and Developers

Projects and developers can partner and integrate with Carbon in the following ways

  • Carbon Browser SDK Integration (launcher)
  • Browser Homepage Integration / Widget
  • Featured DApps and Apps on Browser Homepage
  • Token integration and whitelist in our multichain wallet
  • Co-announcements and marketing of partnership
For enquiries please contact the team: [email protected]