A fast and simple cross-chain swap/bridge powered by Carbon Browser.

🔸 Swap/Bridge Assets with http://LDX.FI
🔸 Move and Swap Liquidity Across 20+ Chains
🔸 Taps into All Major Liquidity Networks
🔸 Get the Fastest and Cheapest Route Everytime

LDX stands for ‘Liquid Decentralized Exchange’ and is integrated directly into the Carbon Browser app to allow our users to experience the fastest and cost-effective way to swap assets across all chains.

LDX will soon integrate other swap providers to allow users to switch between swap providers making LDX the all in one ‘master swap’. Our 1st swap provider integration is due to be announced soon.

Originally planned as ‘Carbon Browser Swap’ but later re-named to LDX to be inclusive to all users even outside of the $CSIX ecosystem.

Carbon Browser users will be able to swap/bridge assets within the app using their Carbon Browser wallet once wallet injection goes live in the upcoming v7.0 Android and iOS App.

LDX is live for all users to swap/bridge assets on the LDX website and as you’ll see if defaults to USDT to #CSIX by default:

👉  http://LDX.FI