Carbon’s Latest Thrive: Q1 Update

q1 update

Welcome to our latest update at Carbon, where innovation meets functionality, and the future of web3 becomes ever more tangible. As we continue to forge new paths and enhance our ecosystem, we’re excited to share with you the strides we’ve made in recent times. Here’s everything you need to know about our journey and where we’re headed next.

VeraViews Integration: A Glimpse into the Future

In our commitment to enhancing user experience and functionality, we’ve shared an early preview of the VeraViews integration with our community. This marks the first step towards upgrading Chromium, followed by extensive testing. Our goal is to push v0.4 of the Desktop App live, ensuring a seamless and robust browsing experience for all users.

Introducing Carbon Wallet: Your Gateway to Multichain Support

Our journey towards a more integrated and user-friendly platform has led us to start work on the ‘Carbon Wallet’ for both Desktop and Mobile. This custom wallet solution, known internally as ‘Carbon Wallet,’ will feature multichain support with swap/bridge services, courtesy of our own LDXFi. Stay tuned for a future proposal to burn swap fees, following the 50M burn proposal.

iOS App Redesign and Focus Shift

In response to feedback and strategic planning, we’re removing iPad support for our iOS App to better focus on delivering a superior mobile experience. The app, along with a revamped homepage, will be submitted to the App Store this week, aiming to connect with 300M Web3 users on iOS.

BrowseToEarn: Rewarding Your Curiosity

Our BrowseToEarn feature is currently in closed beta testing, with plans to move into open beta soon. This innovative feature allows users to earn reward points while browsing, which can be redeemed for upgrades to Carbon Pro, unlocking staking bonuses, NFTs, and more. Your browsing experience has never been more rewarding.

DAO Proposal: A Commitment to Our Community

We’re excited to announce that a new DAO proposal will go live by the end of next week. This proposal aims to burn 50M $CSIX tokens, lock vesting for 12 months, and keep 50M #CSIX unlocked. This strategic move is designed to enhance value and engagement within our community.

Expanding Our Horizons: New Integration Partnerships

Our mission to amplify awareness and increase daily active users (currently at 62,000) has led us to forge new integration partnerships with major #web3 projects. These collaborations are set to enhance the visibility and utility of @trycarbonio, further solidifying our position in the ecosystem.

CarbonID_: Your Identity, Secured

Work is underway on @CarbonID_, a revolutionary feature that allows users to claim a free .CSIX username, linking it to their wallet address. This initiative will also enable users to purchase premium web domains, providing a unique identity in the digital world.

Driving Success: @AdXByCarbon

Our commitment to securing new paying clients through @AdXByCarbon continues to bear fruit, supporting our development fees and increasing our revenues month on month. This success is a testament to our innovative approach and the trust our clients place in us.

Storytelling Through Animation

Following the release of a 60-second animation last week on X, we’re working on a mini short animation series to bring the Carbon Falcon to life. This series aims to raise awareness of our browser, features, and token in an engaging and entertaining way.

Rewarding Our Community: First Partner Airdrop

In appreciation of our $CSIX stakers, we’re working on our first partner airdrop to reward our holders. This initiative will see an upcoming partner project integrating their features in Carbon and airdropping some of their tokens to our community.

As we continue on this journey, your support and feedback are invaluable to us. Stay tuned for more updates as we build, innovate, and grow together. The future is bright, and at Carbon, we’re just getting started.