Carbon News – 75,000 Community Strong!

Our community on socials are currently ~75,000 combined!

Here’s what we’ve achieved

1. We added a new menu item in our browser menu to our 1M+ monthly users which helped instantly.

2. We’ve achieved a number of partnerships which got announced recently which also helped, please see the list below (we have many others in the works for announcement in Q1).

Sui L1 Blockchain:

Carbon Browser Working with Sui Global!


Poolz Ventures Investment:

Poolz Ventures Invests In Carbon Browser

Akash Network (Cosmos):

Carbon Browser Working with Akash Network!

Polygon Studios:

Carbon Browser Working with Polygon!



3. We’ve also announced a number of updates for Carbon:

Broke 5.6M+ downloads:

Smart contract independently audited:

Preview of Multichain wallet:

Governane DAO:

2x AMAs: