Carbon Browser Working with Sui Global!

Carbon Browser Is Now Working with Sui Global!

Carbon will be the flagship web3 browser running Sui network!

Carbon will integrate Sui network into their upcoming multichain wallet and cross-chain swaps feature and will integrate wallets/dexs/marketplaces on the Sui network on the carbon browser.

Here’s a summary of what users can expect from this for Carbon

✅ Sui L1 blockchain integration

✅ Super fast, horizontally scalable, instant finality, low fees.

✅ Proof of stake and is designed for maximum efficiency

About Carbon

Carbon is a free and open-source web browser developed by Carbon X Labs based on a custom fork of the Chromium SDK and its powerful Blink engine. Carbon is a fast privacy-focused browser, which blocks online ads and trackers. Currently live on Google Play Store and coming soon to iOS, Mac OS and PC.

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About Sui Global

Sui Global raises awareness of Sui blockchain and projects developmet on Sui around the World. Sui Global focuses on strengthening the Sui foundation, developing the community, and supporting existing and new projects built on the Sui blockchain.

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