Carbon Browser Reaches 6M Downloads!

We are delighted to announce that Carbon Browser has reached a remarkable milestone, with over 6 million downloads on Android devices worldwide.

This significant achievement, coupled with a rapidly growing user base of over 50,000 daily active users, firmly establishes Carbon Browser as one of the leading web3 browsers available today.

As we march towards the goal of 10 million downloads, we are excited to unveil the upcoming release of Carbon Browser for iOS.

This highly anticipated version will introduce a range of exceptional features, including our multichain browser wallet, swaps, and bridge functionality. Following the iOS launch, these remarkable additions will be promptly extended to our Android app, ensuring a consistent and enhanced user experience across both platforms.

We understand your anticipation to explore the iOS version of Carbon Browser, and we have great news for you. We invite you to be among the privileged few who can get a sneak peek of our cutting-edge browser through our exclusive public beta program.

By downloading the public beta app below, you will have the unique opportunity to experience firsthand the groundbreaking features that make Carbon Browser an unrivaled force in the web3 landscape.

Join us at the forefront of innovation below:

Carbon Browser on iOS – Public Beta Download
Access the future today:

For our esteemed Android users, we extend our gratitude for your unwavering support. Carbon Browser is already available for download on the Google Play Store, offering you a seamless browsing experience that is setting new standards.

Carbon Browser on Google Play Store – Android
Download now:

Seize this opportunity to become an early adopter of the iOS beta version of Carbon Browser. Embrace the sophistication and groundbreaking features that await you.

Elevate your browsing experience to new heights with Carbon Browser, where the future of web3 browsing begins.