Our 1st Ever AMA – RECAP

Q1. What exactly is Carbon Browser and how does it work?


Ans: In a nutshell what Carbon is:


Carbon is a fast privacy-focused browser, which blocks online ads and trackers.  


Carbon is currently live as a web 2 browser on Google Play Store and coming soon to iOS, Mac OS and PC.


Our web 3 update is going live by Q2/3 next year and will include features such as:


– Multichain wallet

– Cross-chain atomic swaps

– In-app staking for $CSIX (plus more tokens)

– Cross-chain swap

– Token Bridge

– Web 3 DApps explorer (directory)

– Crypto News Feed


Some of the above features may even come early than expected 👀


Q2. How did you come to an idea to create the browser and for what reasons?


Ans: Carbon started in 2016 and is currently live as a web 2 browser on Google Play Store and coming soon to iOS, Mac OS and PC.


Originally our goal was to provide a faster and more private browser (compared to Chrome). 


We achieved this by being 3x faster to load web pages and blocking ads and trackers as you browse. These stats are displayed on our browser homepage.


For a full breakdown of our how we differ to web 2 browsers please view this comparison table below 👇.


To date we’ve achieved over 5M+ downloads and 1M+ MAU (monthly active users).


Q3. Can you in short speak of tokenomics and how they work?


Ans: Carbon’s native token $CSIX will undergo TGE on the BSC chain next month following our launch across multiple IDO launchpads.


A total of 1 billion tokens will be minted of which ownership to the smart contract will be renounced preventing further tokens being minted further ever.


Almost 1/3 of the entire supply will be in the control of the community via our community governance DAO which will be launched next year as a web app.


This will allow the community to propose and vote on how to utilize those tokens (300M $CSIX) and shape Carbon’s future i.e token burns, more listings, slow emission schedule, new marketing campaigns etc.


The rest of the supply is broken down into various allocations of which the majority will be vested over 4 years and only used if needed.


A full breakdown of the tokenomics can be found here:




Q4. How exactly will DAO work within Carbon?


Ans: The community DAO will allow $CSIX token holders to submit proposals to shape Carbons future.


$CSIX token holders can then vote on submitted proposals to decide their outcome.


The DAO will be decentralized, autonomous and managed by the community.


Q5. Carbon-where did the idea for the name come from?


Ans:  The name Carbon came about because of several reasons.


– Carbon is one of the most common elements in the universe and it’s often described as the ‘glue’ of life. Just like our web browsers are the ‘glue’ of our digital life because without them we can’t navigate the web. 


– Diamonds are composed of a single element of carbon. Our open-source code is constantly being improved to bring about the ‘diamond’ of web browsers.


And we chose the falcon icon because of one reason only:


Falcons (peregrine) are the fastest animals of the land—and it’s no wonder, their bodies are built for speed. While cheetahs can run up to 70 mph on land, falcons can dive at speed of over 200 mph.


And this is true of the carbon browser, we’re 3x faster than Chrome and one of the fastest web 3 browsers ever.


Q6. IDO is happening in January. What can you say in short about it?


 Ans:  January is a big month for Carbon and $CSIX!


We’re launching across several launchpads, listing on pancakeswap and you may see a CEX listing at Jan/Feb too!


IDO details are as follows:


Tokens available for public sale: 60,000,000

Price: $0.01/CSIX

FDV: $10M

Vesting: 20% on TGE followed by 1 month cliff and then 16% unlocked every month for 5 months (total 6 months)

Initial MC on 1st Listing: $165k


DEX Listing:

Pancake Listing (on TGE) approx Jan/Feb 2023

$300k LP total 

LP locked for 12 months


Q7. How is the Carbon browser different from Brave Browser and how will it help us to earn better rewards by using the platform than the competition?


Ans:  The best way to describe it is to share our web 3 comparison table below but to sum up, we offer better and free privacy features to all, support more DApp integrations and have higher rewards 🙂


Q8. Who is Carbon’s partner? What are the benefits Carbon gets from those relationships?


Ans: Great question, our investors and advisory include team members from Woo Network, GSR, TrustSwap, BNB Chain and Curate.


Carbon benefits from their networking and marketing efforts as well as overall advisory, connections and investment.


Q9. So many projects just want to talk about “long term vision and mission” but what are your short-term goals? What are you focusing on right now?


Ans: Short term goals for Carbon:


– Launch successfully across our launchpads


– Break 2,500 $CSIX holders by end of January


– List on CMC and Coingecko in Q1 following DEX and CEX listings


– Get to 6M+ app downloads by Q1


– Get to 1.25M+ app MAUs by Q1


– Ensure a healthy growing community for Carbon


Q10. What’s the main motivation for creating the Carbon Browser?


Ans: To create a faster, more private and decentralized browser for the community to navigate web 3!


Simple but the best things are 🙂


Q11. What are the steps Carbon took recently to improve user experience on the platform regarding privacy? Does this app hide privacy and the IP and how?


Ans:  Carbon blocks all trackers and ads by default. This can be disabled in the settings or bottom toolbar.


Early next year our VPN, dVPN and ToR connection options will be added providing further privacy options to our users.


IP block and masking will come as default by then.


Q12. What are the plans of Carbon browser for the upcoming developments in WEB3 and gaming?


Ans:  Once our multichain wallet integration goes live, users will be able to auto-connect to popular DApps and games including Axie and The Sandbox.


Next year our updated homepage will feature a DApp directory allowing users to navigate popular web3 apps straight from their browser saving users multiple clicks/typing 🙂


Q13. What makes Carbon more unique than other browsers available in the market?


Ans:  How we differ to mainstream browsers:


– 3x Faster

– Decentralized

– 100% privacy

– AdBlock and Ad Filtering

– Open-source

– Indie-team (not big tech)

– 5M+ downloads to date

– 1M+ MAUs

– Data saver and lighter

– Supports web3 protocols like ENS, IPFS, Handshake

– In-app mutlichain wallet with atomic swaps


Here’s just a quick list of how we’re different


Q14. What are your major highlights and advantages compared to other projects?

What would you like to mention?


Ans:  We just announced our partnership with Polygon:




And we have support from our major blockchains and projects which will be announced throughout Q1 and Q2!


Q15. Can you explain how your tokenomics distribution and how many tokens will be locked by the team?


Ans:  Team:


5% of supply


Tokens: 50M 




0% on TGE followed by 12 month cliff, then 2.7% unlocked every month for 36 months (total 48 months) 


Team wallet address:



Full details can be found here:



Q16. How powerful is the Carbon Browser against censorship happening sometimes in different areas of the world? Will it be considered a VPN-ready browser? If so, which VPN will it use?


Ans: The VPN, dVPN, ToR and 3rd party networking connection options will allow users to navigate around ISP blocks and nation wide censorship.


This feature will go live early next year


Q17. Will the browser itself enable us to easily convert $CSIX rewards on tabs? Are the swap features implemented already?


Ans:  By Q3 next year when the $CSIX browser rewards go live, users will be able to:

– Withdraw their $CSIX rewards without the need for KYC (unlike Brave browser)

– Use their $CSIX tokens in-app for 

  1. a) Carbon Pro subscription (premium browser experience with better rewards)
  2. b) Partner gift cards i.e Amazon, eBay etc
  3. c) Swap within the multi-chain wallet to other tokens


Q18. Can we automatically use our $CSIX rewards to upgrade our status for Carbon Pro?


Ans:  Yes you can with zero gas fees too!


Q19. Can you say more about the Carbon token-$CSIX? Also, when is the browser coming to PC?


Ans:  Our aim is to have the iOS, Mac OS and PC versions live by Q3 next year.


The entire utility of the $CSIX token is broken down here:


Q20. CEX listing, will it happen and when?


Ans: Yes it will! Aiming for our 1st CEX by Jan/Feb 2023!